Who We Are?
ANN combines over 100 years of broadcast professionals' experience to provide the nation with top-rate coverage on topics critical to agriculture. For years, the American farmer toiled tireless in the field to feed our communities, and eventually the world. The family farm is an American institution, while farming is the foundation of American progress and freedom. Strong principles and ethics still have a place in the farming industry. However, the farmers need a voice.

Recently, the family farm has taken a tremendous toll. At one time, mother nature was the biggest threat; now the threats are coming on multiple fronts. More than ever before, American agriculture needs to be current. That's where ANN, the Ag News Network, steps in. Our ag-knowledgeable team keeps America's farmers "current" and finds a "fair" balance on present day issues.It's time someone knew the farmers' perspective and not just the perspective of others with organized media machines. It's time ag had a voice. It's time for ANN.

Position In The Industry

ANN fills a need for timely, accurate information about long lists of issues and topics which are critically important to agriculture each and every day. Local and national news orrganazations cover a vast array of stories which are intended to inform and entertain the general public, but their purpose is not intended to fill the information needs of specific segments of the population. The national media has never cared to commit the necessary resources to thoroughly cover agriculture issues, while the agricultural industry itself has never demanded its share of media coverage. That is why the public is generally misinformed about the nature and value of farming; why most national ag coverage is driven by negativity or the occasional crisis events; and why the major news organizations will try to continue to control the flow of information for as long as possible. 

Additionally, consumers across America are woefully unaware of where their food comes from- who grows ad harvests it, who transports and packages it, who inspects and regulates it, how may hands touch it before it arrives on the dinner plate. ANN will eduate Americans about their food and farms and why both are so important. 

Our Mission

ANN is the agriculture news leader providing accurate, timely, unbiased information to America's agribusiness communitu to local Television ad Radio stations in all Spanish and English markets. Utilizing modern news gathering dissemination technology, ANN will provide constant essential facts from around the world to American's agricultural community, policy leaders and consumers. .